Alt is like that amazing few days when you thought you would be reorganizing closets but, instead, your friend surprised you and whisked you away. You sat by the cozy fire, drank warm drinks, ate good food and engaged in the most stimulating conversations. Remember? It’s like that for your blog.

Alt SLC is our flagship event. 2014 will be our fifth year. We are working to make the event even more intimate, informative and interesting. We can't wait to see you there!

Design. Lifestyle. Photography. Fashion. Events.
Styling. Art Direction. Food. Interior Design.  

If you're obsessed with lifestyle, food and fashion blogs, fantastic images, smart ideas and great design inside and outside — all wrapped up with a social media bow — Altitude Design Summit is the place to be. Because we feed those obsessions.  

We've created a place where design and lifestyle bloggers in all their forms— foodies, photographers, travelers, fashionistas, interior designers, product placers, adventurers — come together, share ideas and connect with marketers. There will be discussions on how to grow your site, how to fund your site, how to keep your site above the fray. You'll find panels on blogging best business practices and learn about what is new in the blogging world. People will share good advice for creative entrepreneurs. Friends will be made. Contact books will be filled. Check out pictures from Alt 2010Alt 2011, Alt 2012 and Alt 2013 to see all the fun!

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